Acupuntura Baleares

How is a treatment done in Acupuntura Baleares?

The first consultation with Lingli lasts at least 2 hours because before any treatment she carries out a complete energy balance aiming to determine the causes of the pathology. These are related to the patient’s personal life, organism and psychic state.

This check-up consists of an interview with questions, auscultations and an observation of the body such as the complexion, the tongue, the pulse, the breathing, the voice, the emotional state, and so on.

On the basis of the observation Lingli sets up a protocol which is personal and therefore different for each individual.

The following sessions have a minimum duration of one hour.

For most pathology, it usually takes 2 sessions per week for 1 to 5 weeks depending on the nature and stage of the disease.

For maintaining good health, a monthly session is necessary from the age of 35 and one every 15 days from 55 years old.

Acupuntura Baleares offers reliable answers and effective solutions for your health

With Lingli you will have an attentive listener and a relevant analysis of the imbalances responsible for your health problems.

The difference between allopathic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only in efficiency but also in the way of approaching the body and the disease.

We often despair of the short time that allopathic doctors can devote to us, it often seems that we are just an organ or a symptom.

With Traditional Chinese Medicine you will have the opportunity to ask yourself, with which you are listened to ,where you feel understood and to open to medicines from elsewhere that do not oppose our Western medicine but complement it.